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What to Do When Social Security Overpays

The SSA has overpaid billions of dollars in benefits to Social Security recipients. An overpayment occurs when Social Security gives you more money in a month than you should have gotten. What can you do when they want those payouts back?

What Is the Lifeline Program?

The Lifeline Program is a federal program that works to lower the cost of phone and internet services for low-income American households. With the reduced costs that Lifeline provides its customers, seniors can stay connected on a budget.

Is Your Financial Information in Order?

Preparing and organizing your financial information for when you are no longer capable will bring peace of mind to you today. At the same time, it may relieve your loved ones’ burden in the future.

Can Alzheimer’s Disease Be Prevented?

While new knowledge becomes available each year about promising potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, recent research is also focusing on the prevention of the disease or mitigation of its symptoms.

What Is a Gun Trust?: Estate Planning Q&A

If you own a firearm of monetary or sentimental value, you may wonder how to transfer ownership to your loved ones after you die. In addition to creating a will, you may want to make special arrangements for your weapon.

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