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Estate Planning Attorney Florida, Lake County

At Mazenko Law Firm in Lake County, we provide high-quality service and custom Florida estate plans to protect you throughout life. Whether you have a growing family, are nearing retirement, or are well into your later years, you have unique concerns and goals. We can turn what feels like an intimidating process into a pleasant and comfortable experience for everyone. We take the time to understand your situation before making recommendations and are happy to answer all your questions. Communication is a critical part of the process.

When we take on a new client, we spend time reviewing their financial situation and goals carefully so we can construct the ideal estate plan. We explain each tool we recommend, so you understand how they work. The ultimate goal is maximizing and protecting your wealth for your family and future, while building a lifelong partnership with you.

About Mazenko Law Firm

Todd Mazenko, Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning lawyer Todd Mazenko is the owner and founder of the Mazenko Law Firm located in Mount Dora. His law practice focuses on estate planning, including wills, trusts, and probate, and he speaks throughout central Florida on these topics.

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Client Testimonials

We have had a great experience with Todd and his staff. All very knowledgeable, professional and personable. Todd even offers classes to help clients learn more about their documents and funding them!

Diane W.

Todd handled our estate planning and will in a such a professional way and fast. Also, he explained everything in simple terms, not like technical legal terms. His team was very polite and responsive. I highly recommend his firm.

S. Wallace

I have a trusts and estates background, so I was especially picky about our documents. Attorney Mazenko did an excellent job and conveyed our wishes exactly.  I recommend him to anyone that wants their estate planning handled properly and promptly.  He is a genuinely nice guy with an incredible background, too.  You will not be sorry!


Could not have received better care elsewhere. He has exceeded my expectations multiple times.


Todd was very attentive, listened to my concerns, addressed my questions, explained the benefits of having a trust. I appreciate his help & guidance. The office staff are wonderful. I will refer Todd to my family and friends.


It was a pleasure working with Todd and the staff at Mazenko Law.  All our concerns were addressed in a professional manner.  In two visits we had a Will drawn up which was just perfect.  Todd’s family who work there could not have been more helpful.  In addition, all the emails were answered in a prompt manner.  We would highly recommend this terrific law firm.


Todd Mazenko truly was the best attorney I have ever hired. Every aspect of the case was handled with professionalism and attention to detail. Mr. Mazenko always keep me informed each step of the way through out the case. He always gave me his opinion so I could make the best decision for my family. Over all I prevailed in the case and was very satisfied with his legal expertise.


The Mazenko Law firm was recommended to me by another lawyer who no longer does wills, etc. I was impressed and extremely pleased with the service provided to me.  They were professional, very efficient and a real pleasure to work with. Their charge was very reasonable. I would highly recommend Attorney Mazenko and his firm.


We recently updated our estate planning documents when relocating from Georgia.  The Mazenko Law Firm actually made the process of revisiting these important life planning documents simple, understandable and even enjoyable! This firm is a highly professional. knowledgeable and experienced team.  Thank you for helping us get this done!


Todd Mazenko and his law firm are fabulous to work with.  They are very courteous and professional, and spend time with clients to get to know their specific legal needs so they can advise and develop the right legal strategy/legal documents.  My husband and I were really impressed.  So grateful Todd and his team were willing to take us on as clients.

Wills, Trusts, and Probate
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