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Creating Your Will

A will nominates the executor of your estate who will pay debts and distribute the property to heirs as directed. You can be as broad or detailed as you like, specifying beneficiaries, guardians for minor children, and funeral and burial arrangements.

What you include in your will may vary greatly depending on the size of your estate and what you hope to accomplish. Most people simply want a smooth probate process that transfers assets and belongings efficiently for heirs.

Your will must be submitted to the courts and go through probate proceedings. Providing detailed instructions to your executor ensures they will carry out your wishes as you intended. At Mazenko Law Firm, our Florida will lawyers explain what family members will face when you’re gone and how to help them understand your decisions.

It’s important to regularly check who your beneficiaries are on items such as annuities, life insurance policies, retirement plans, etc. The beneficiaries for these accounts are designated separately from your will.

How Our Will Attorneys Can Help You

While a will helps maintain control of assets distributed after death and ensures decisions are made according to your wishes, it won’t protect your assets from creditors or probate. A complete estate plan contains a will and other vital documents you may need while still alive, such as:

  • Revocable living trusts to transfer and control assets
  • A living will to define medical treatments during a health crisis and make end-of-life decisions
  • An advance health care directive naming a trusted person to make medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable
  • A financial power of attorney naming a trusted person to manage financial matters if you are unable

The Mazenko Law Firm can help you put the necessary documents in place, so you and your loved ones have peace of mind when navigating life’s challenges. Without a will, the state of Florida dictates how your assets are distributed and to whom, which can often lead to complications and outcomes you didn’t intend for your friends and family. We won’t let this happen.

After reviewing your financial situation and goals carefully, we determine which documents can enhance your will. These mainly deal with problems that occur while you are still alive but incapacitated due to an accident or illness. You will have the foundation for your estate plan and understand how these documents work and affect your future.

Will attorney Todd Mazenko is the owner and founder of the Mazenko Law Firm located in Mount Dora, Florida in Lake County. His law practice focuses on estate planning, including wills, trusts, and probate, and he speaks throughout central Florida on these topics.

If you need a will attorney, the experienced team at Mazenko Law Firm can help create a customized plan including wills and trusts. Subscribe to our newsletter or sign up for upcoming events where you can learn valuable estate planning information.

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