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Notarizing Documents for Seniors With a Dementia Diagnosis

An Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis can be a challenging journey for the person and family alike. When the diagnosis occurs, a ticking clock begins on the timeline for getting proper and sound notarizations done for crucial legal documents. What Does…

Is an Independent Living Facility Right for Me?

An independent living facility is a housing arrangement that caters to older people, usually aged 55 and older. Some people may refer to these facilities as 55-and-over communities, active adult communities, or retirement communities.

PACE Program Helps Seniors Remain at Home

Most seniors want to be able to stay at home as long as they can instead of moving into a nursing home. The PACE program provides care and services to some nursing home-eligible seniors to enable them to remain in their home longer.

Do Caregiver Duties Help Older Women Live Longer?

Despite the considerable level of stress that can come with serving as a unpaid caregiver, a new study now suggests that taking care of a loved one may in fact lead to increased longevity among older women. Findings revealed that women who said they were taking care of a loved one on a regular basis had a mortality rate 9 percent lower than that of non-caregivers over the course of the study.

Deceptive Ads Are Affecting Seniors Seeking Medicare Plans

Each fall, Medicare advertising intensifies as the open enrollment period for coverage takes place. From October 15 to December 7, seniors nationwide have the option to sign up for a new Medicare plan. With dozens of plan choices available, shopping for Medicare can be overwhelming. 

What to Do When Social Security Overpays

The SSA has overpaid billions of dollars in benefits to Social Security recipients. An overpayment occurs when Social Security gives you more money in a month than you should have gotten. What can you do when they want those payouts back?

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